Lesson Planning Resources

A nice math lesson comes from good lesson planning.  But with a lot of distractions and issues on time management, lesson planning may dog-ate-lesson-planstake an uphill. However, I can choose to be positive and excited as I can be guided by a few lesson planning components and my choice of online resources.

Resource #1: Education planner website

I like this resource because it is a very simple and easy-to-use educational planner which will help teachers and students identify skills and interests and explore suitable careers.  It has a part called “Self-Assessments” where I can ask my students to visit in order to assess their learning style and report to me so I can make adjustments in my lesson plans.  It is a wonderful resource that I can truly share not only my students but to my kids because it has detailed guide and checklist that help users know themselves and how to get to where they should be according to what they are and have.

Resource #2: Teach thought website

I like this resource because the website said that they grow teachers.  When I looked at the website’s content, sure enough, that if I read everything on it, I will take leaps in my lesson and class planning.  I can read on very relevant topics from the Category Tab. Then I can choose the level I like with the By Grade Level Tab. I can also watch podcasts. Further, it also has a By Experience Tab that will provide articles depending on whether I am novice or an experience teacher.  At the bottom of the website, I can read a lot of short articles that summarizes what is out there to know, at present, in the world of teaching.

Resource#3: BC Math Quizzes and Chapter Tests

I like this website because I believe that it is the authority in mathematics course content here in British Columbia.  I will use the curriculum if I teach Math 11 and Math 12. The website contains comprehensive lessons, self-administering quizzes, solutions and correct answers, chapter tests, and reviewers.  It makes every math topic manageable to teach and understand because the tone is direct and short.  I can use the example and test items to enrich my lesson plan.  I can also use the power point presentations in each lesson to enrich and guide my lesson planning.

Resource #4: Ice Breakers

I think this website will make a great play resource for my lesson planning.  The ice breaker games are fun and can be used in small or large groups of adults.  Most of the games can be used to teach mathematics and statistics.  It has a special feature where I can choose the type of ice breaker game as: active, getting to know, stationary, rhythm, talking games, team building, and party games.  With such feature, deciding which game will be a lot easier.

Resource #5:  http://www.math.com/

“Einstein, Albert (1879-1955) – Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics, I assure you that mine are greater.”

“Dirac, Paul Adrien Maurice (1902-1984) – Mathematics is the tool especially suited for dealing with abstract concepts of any kind and there is no limit to its power in this field.”

The above information can be found in this website plus wonderful lessons and trivia in mathematics. This is why I love this particular website.  It portrays math concepts carefully and with much drama.  It makes math more appealing.  I can use this website whenever I would try to catch the attention and interest of my students.


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