E-portfolio as the “got to have it tool”

I think e-portfolio is worth considering/exploring since some fellows, Cohn and Bernard (2004), described it as the new “got to have it tool” , equivalently, the “show-and-tell platform of the millennium”.  It is the digital counterpart of the paper port-folio but it is way more animated and buzzing because it can contain every work you did in multi-media.   It is something that you can carry around with you,  you can organize and enhance it at the same time, you can also show it to a person seated next to you in sky train.  In days that you feel amateurish, you can access it anytime and feel good about past accomplishments.

The capability of an e-portfolio is great in sharing your teaching philosophy and style while helping you to strive to be more knowledgeable with using technology.  You can always record, document, and video every work that you do and examine it for your purposes later on in life.