About Me

My life started on the 15th day of November at a city called Davao which is located at the less inhabited part of the Philippines.  I am the youngest of three siblings of Lenie and Jose, representing a sweet union between a soft-hearted public school teacher and an honored police officer. My sister Eleanor in our younger days brought friends and laughter in our rented house at Tondo, she still does with her zest and intensity.  My eldest brother Joel in those young days were always at the neighbor’s house since Molave Street in Tondo was the best playground a kid could ever have.  Almost everyone seems to be a playmate.  We played with the sun and the moon.  Memories of those days will not be traded with just other days.

I have been busy teaching mathematics and looking after my kids- Aizel, Bernice, and RJ. They make my life and my husband’s(Rene) life full.

This year of 2015, we came to beautiful British Columbia, a place where we could watch the colors of life (our utmost gratitude to God).